What is Sunfit?

Brought to you by British Military Fitness – the undisputed leaders in outdoor fitness, Sunfit is a week-long fitness holiday in the Canary Islands.

Based at Las Playitas, Europe’s number one fitness resort, our BMF instructors will help you kick-start your fitness. Get rid of those old gym routines and be inspired, challenged and stimulated. We’ll show you a fresh and fun outlook on your fitness.

At BMF we believe It’s more fun to work out with others, and at Sunfit you’ll meet like-minded people over a week of activities in the beautifully warm and sunny Fuerteventura.

Make new friends along the way and gain expertise from our highly motivational and experienced British Military Fitness instructors.
When you’re not busy burning up to 800 calories in a session, you’ll have plenty of time to top up your tan socialising and sunbathing by the hotel pool.

We don’t do fads or quick fixes, but inspire towards long-term lifestyle changes. After all, fitness should be fun – not a chore.

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Sunfit Benefits

Burn over 2000 calories per day

During our highly varied training programme you will participate in a wide range of activities that will challenged both mentally and physically.

Learn new skills

Learn new fitness training skills including improving your running technique, swimming drills and nutritional seminars.

Meet new friends

You will meet loads of like minded people looking to get fit and have fun. The evenings are packed with opportunities to socialise.

Relax in the sun

Although it is a busy week, there is ample time to rest and recover by the pool and top up your tan.

Change your approach

Our programme will educate you on how to live a healthier lifestyle and how to keep yourself motivated.